Thursday, July 4, 2013

arent hashtags WWEEEEIIIRRRDDD?????

I mean I guess the way you USE them is what makes them weird...but let's talk about selfies for a second.

I was about to call them girl selfies, but SOME MEN DO THEM TOO. So while the ladies are totally mega overrepresented in this category, that is not to say that the brosephines (pronounced bro-seh-phah-knee, in case you are confused for some reason such as lack of brain wrinkles, so all you've got in your noggin is a smooth pink lump of flesh. ew) are not relevant as well.

I'm talking about when... wait,.... if I do a hashtag ON MY BLOG will it link itself??? #testing #thisistheonlytimei'lleverusehashies #itsactuallyprettyfun #canyoureadthisentirewordwithouttrying?Wow,only2%ofbrainscandothat!Ifyoucanreadthisyouareinthetop2%smartesthumanbeings!ReblogandShare!

Or something or other.....

Anyway, so we'll see if that links itself. Because you see, hashtags on facebook now WORK, which is THE WORST NIGHTMARE for those of us who shake our heads at those who insisted on using them even though it WASN'T TWITTER. and now facebook has gone and REWARDED these nincompoops with ACTUAL hashtags... it is our nation's greatest tragedy since mini golf began costing 8.95 for a round of 18.

Let's reach our point, for once and for all. I'm talking about when people take selfies and tag themselves with like #brunette #blueeyes #longhair #tittiesfahdays #ifyoulikethisphotoImightgiveyouabeej #hahaomgwhatImeantbeet #thedelicioushealthyrootvegetable #amItalkingaboutbeetsoryourpenisIforgot #omgBeccapleasestoptalkingaboutpeniseswe'vehadenough

haha sorry got a little carried away there. But like the first three, those are like, real life ones. And you know, they continue, like #shortshorts #girlswithnoserings #girlswithplugs #hipstergirls #girlswithskirts , you know what I mean, I'll cut myself off here for the sake of us both.

So my point.

MY POINT IS LIKE, WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS? I know why! It is so that people LOOKING for "shortshorts" or "blueeyes" or "hipstergirls" will find THEM. I guess I'm making these very feminine instead of masculine because that is what I would argue at least 75% of these perpetrators are, and I will explain why it is more significant when women do it in a moment.

well the moment is now. Okay, it's more significant when a GIRL tags herself with things like #browneyes #longlegs #tattooedchicks, she is being searched for by men who are LOOKING for pictures to masturbate to. What tthe fuck ELSE are they doing looking up specific ass criteria. I think this is weird that girls would willingly and intentionally tag themselves in manners that will make them SHOW UP for these masturbatory search results. I mean unless the photo is meant to be sexually suggestive or like that's what you're going for and everything. If that's your intention that's FINE. But I guess it''s not always suggestive photos! It's regular, everyday selfies (because you know, these are people that take them everyday) that they like... are encouraging masturbation to! I'm not... I dont mean to do slut shaming or anything -  I don't believe in that and I don't think that's what i'm doing. But I think I am not thinking outlandishly... I think girls know that men will search these terms and I think it doesn't take a rocket scientist (or valedictorian) to figure out what men are looking for when they're entering descriptive search items into an internet search bar....or what their goal is, either.

I think this is different from when men tag themselves cuz I guess I think women enter those search items more.... to look at and creep on the sort of men they are attracted to, rather than to touch themselves to various random single images of these men. I think it's a difference in the way male and female brains are wired, and obviously I'm applying sticky labels to label-phobic surfaces. But lately I've been trying to apologize less for my opinions because hey they're my opinions so fuck you if you disagree! You know what I mean? Like kind of, but not really. Like, of course not fuck you if you're offended, but fuck you if YOU are thinking "fuck her"  for MY opinions. Then I am rubber and you, my hater, are GLUE!!!


I haven't been blogging a lot because I've been stupidly happy and stuff so I tend to blog less when I am stupidly happy and stuff! But then I blog again and remember how much I love it and then I blog more because I am happy. So hopefully I will be seeing you all again soon, and Happy Independence Day (I saw someone say "why are people pointing out that it's the fourth, when it is far more important that today is Independence Day?" or something to that effect, and I think that's a good point so I revised my greetings for the day!)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Therrre sheee goessss, there she goes again!

Here's a funny status:

Haha okay so this made me laugh because this is what my inner monologue said: "Oh brilliant insight, person. That's like.... that's so groundbreaking I'm really glad you interrupted everyone's little homepage scroll with that game changing huuuuuuge turn of events. Tell us more though. Tell us about how 'you shouldn't buy cases of bottled water because it's an atrocious waste of plastic even if you do recycle it, so you should just buy a reusable water bottle and refill it' haha oh wait no never mind tell us more about how 'What happened, was' and 'What is, is being what it is right now, currently'.  Hahahahahahahahaha oh dear. For reals though. Like why are you typing words if those are the flacid-ass ones that you're producing?? Gimme a fucking break. If you have nothing interesting to say, you are definitely not supposed to say something anyway and assume that everyone is dying to hear your opinion on the latest event in your irrelevant life. I mean okay that's a little bit harsh, all of our lives are irrelevant really, but at least the worthwhile people only blab about stuff that's moderately interesting or... you know, thought provoking. Not just words. Like this blog, it's mostly just words. But I feel like they are good words.... Anyway, if you're reading this many of them, I would hope to gosh that you feel the same way!!

Now let's get to some actual funny words!!! Hehe, I am just so proud of my sister for being funny because sometimes she really flops you know she tries okay she really tries but sometimes you just go
-___- you know what i mean???? Haha anyway check dis shit out, how funny is this:::

Okay so... context. Um, so I jokingly said "i wish i had a sister" and then she said that. And she was referring to a picture of someone I saw from school, who was posing with her BIOLOGICAL sister, the two of them sporting separate sorority shirts, with a caption celebrating their ability to still love each other whilst simultaneous participation in (gasp!) DIFFERENT sororities!!!! haha! so you see she is making a big ol giant POO BURGER out of those arses! Like oh congratulations you extremely advanced human beings!! Haha you can look past sorority letters to love your own fucking SISTER, how civil of you, I wonder how much you can possibly look past when it comes to a TOTAL STRANGER? Ugh. Vomit!!

But Lol at my sister, right!! yay!!!

Okay, that was funny!! Don't know what's wrong with the polls, the votes only show now when they close or something??? Whatevs, it's whatevs. I'm OUT!!!!! thanks for havin meh.

see ya when i see ya



Friday, May 24, 2013

An ode to giant flashy earrings - from big hair

Oh you beautiful gorgeous shimmering frolicking bouncing adorning magnificent beauties you. Heavy or light, wooden or plastic, glass or beads, silver or gold, you make EVERY look go from "Oh that's nice!" to "HOLY SHIT WHAT AN AMAZING VISION AM I AT THE GRAND CANYON OR AM I JUST LOOKING AT ONE DEEEEPLLLY GORGEOUS INDIVIDUAL"

You shimmering treasure chests that fit so snugly right into my earlobe holes. You come in hoops and loop-de-loops, animals and actual feathers (not actual animals though...actually I take that back. My excellent best roomie EVAHH!!! made me little sparrow earrings. Okay not technically an actual sparrow, but real LIFE SIZED styrofoam sparrow things. That she made into earrings. That I wore once before one came loose that very same day (I guess it...flew away!) and so she got me a replacement sparrow but I have yet to rock them again. haha... ANYWAY), varying degrees of loudness and subtlety, you are all so different and that is what makes ALL of you so tremendous and worthy of praise.

For what are shoes but stupid things that cover up our feet and a healthy form of transportation?? And since shoes were invented to make transportation more COMFORTABLE or PROTECTIVE, why the FUCK have we started trying to wear HEELS and FLIP FLOPS ALL THE FUCKING TIME? (I realize I could make my posts slightly less f-bomb heavy if I used "Goddamn!" as well but I feel more obscene using those words than I do the "fuck" just because I don't really think there's anything inappropriate about the f word but I do feel inappropriate saying Goddamn! because I'm not God and I was just taught never to say that. SO THAT'S ME BUT YOU DO YOU OKAY). I mean some ladies really love heels and actually CAN walk in them, and that's great and all, and I understand what fashion is but I mean talking logistically right now, if you were stranded on an abandoned dirt road and you had to walk 40 miles, you wouldn't be walking in those humdingers would you? No so then you would walk barefoot, and you would get tetanus and glass shards with every step you took. Hmm, sounds like REVERSE EVOLUTION if you ask me. Oh and flip flops are a different thing, because they are like screwing everyone's feet so much because they wear them everywhere they fucking go, at least if "they" is referring to stupid gross people who are dumb. Flip flops are for public showers and the beach/pool! Not for taking a fuckin stroll through town! So that is why I am on team reasonable shoewear, because I like having feet that work and do not hurt in 20 minutes and allow me to chop cucumbers with my feet if I had to, just for example.


Dresses and shirts and skirts are lovely occasionally, but everyone wears those and there's bound to be a few who do it nicely in every public setting.

Oh but earrings. You are sadly so rare.  Oh, the public acknowledges you. But sadly not as much as it should - or could. You are worthy of so much more praise than you EVER receive - I do not know why such anti-earring prejudice exists, but I'm working to change it.

Especially the great big giant ones. Because you are simply TOO AMAZING at what you do.

Oh earrings, you do such a splendid and superb job that you can turn a wandering moose:


Thank you ~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~**~

***~*~~*~*End Ode****~*~~~*~**

On that note, a few other things. Just a real quick lighthearted rant about my hair for a second okay.

Because for every "You have BEAUTIFUL hair"I receive, there is 2/3 of a "I WISH mine was like that!! Mine is so BORING!"

Okay. So that's okay and stuff EXCEPT FOR FUCKING THIS.

Two of the fuckers who have said this to me have dared to allege that their hair used to look just mine. Mhm! Used to or actually still does look just like it!! So the girl who claimed it was still naturally as beautiful as mine, in response to me saying "oh! you should come into school with it like that then!" {because I had never ever ever ever ever seen her with ANYTHING other than PIN STRAIGHT HAIR}, exclaims "Haha yah that's what my boyfriend says! haha I would never though!!"

Translation: your hair is OUT OF CONTROL! I hate when mine is like that because I put no effort into taming it and just smother it in between two burning plates so that it loses all its life. I love that YOU'RE doing it, but IIII never would be caught dead in public with my hair looking like that! But no really, love it on you!

Look, she's the one regina spektor sings about in this song!!! At about 50 seconds in!! It's like she knows or something!!

Oh and the other girl, whose hair used to look like mine, said she had "Straightened it into permanent limpness" obviously not a direct quote at all because she spoke hillbilly english.


My point at the end of all of this is that while I do genuinely fall in love with every person who compliments my hair, a SIGNIFICANT chunk of you would hate if you had my hair for yourselves. And you would probably straighten it. It's not to say that I didn't go through a straightening phase of my own - I think every curly haired girl who has the means does. But I'm sayin I don't anymore. And I'm sayin a lot of people who wish they had my hair better EAT THEIR SOCKS. Sock eaters.

oh and a few more housekeeping bits:

1) happy 420. i missed that. sorry about that.... but better late than never

2) almost 10,000 views!! :-) i think maybe half of those are from people who actually read the words! oh and the poll thing is.... i dont know, now everyone's votes just show up and disappear, it's a tragedy, i don't want to talk about it, i'm going to go now

luv ya bye <3 <3 <3 <3 

ps rain rain go away come back NEVER byeeee!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I wasn't going to write a new post....

but then I found myself in a .... superfluous state of mind, everything burbling in there just going completely to waste unless I managed to document it. So I figured here we go DOCUMENTING IT!

Being on summer break is so amazing and spectacular and serene and restful and natural and beautiful and.... well, we could go on for this entire post but to save the interests of both the writer and the reader, we WON'T.

But I'm just sayin

Anyway, I was just thinking about how I'm going to send a fragile gift up to my cousin for being awesome and graduating college and I'm gonna wrap it up in old Victoria's Secret tissue paper because WHY THE FUCK DOES VICTORIA'S SECRET WRAP EVERYTHING UP IN DOUBLE LAYER TISSUE PAPER?! I mean okay I get it it's a "secret" so you gotta "cover it up" and what better way to say "I think it's a coy secret that I, like 100% OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS PLANET, wear fucking UNDERWEAR" than wrapping it all discretely in flourescently pink and wasteful tissue paper in trademark pink striped square bags? I mean wow, talk about subtle, huh? It's like, I get the concept of the tissue paper, okay? It's just COMPLETELY HORRIBLE AND STUPID.
So waste not want not you know, reuse that shit, especially when certain revolutions of our planet require us to spend massive amounts of money on material objects to wrap in trees that we cut down, treated, and polluted our resources with to turn into colorful shining sheets of wrapping paper!

I mean stop me if I'm being absurd.

Anyway that's not the reason I'm here today. I wanted to talk about that whole "Abercrombie & Fitch CEO is a super asshole dickwad jerkoff face horrible person never want to buy from that store ever again i'm completely outraged this is such a scandal" scandal thing. So like first of all, is everyone who shopped at that store honestly completely taken aback? I mean were you all truly surprised and shocked to find out that Abercrombie & Fitch intentionally hire only attractive employees and set exorbitant prices on sizes that don't fit those of greatest circumference? Because if that was actually, like news to you then yeah congratulations for finally finding out now.

But my question is just for anyone who has shopped there or bought a lot of clothes there. I mean I loved jeans from hollister and believe I have visited Abercrombie & Fitch a handful of times but never bought anything (shits so fucking expensive) or maybe it was just abercrombie IDFK point is you can't hold the jeans thing against me - it was purely their fitting thing and it had nothing to do with a dedication to the brand andthey at least lasted long enough that I never had to buy more than a few. I'm asking people who intentionally shopped there and pursued those styles/brands, like, do you feel like kind of an asshole now? Now that you see the kind of image you were perpetuating? Or are you sort of proud to be part of such an allegedly "exclusionary" brand? Or do you not care at all cuz you're just like lay off man, I just like their fucking clothes I don't care about what the head of the company says. Real question for y'all, if any of y'all shopped/still shop there with frequency!

Cool! So I'm gonna go listen to more Joshua Radin because he is fucking beautiful and amazing! And I am seeing him live on Boston! And I just hope I don't pass out all that day from excitement because this is going to be amazing :D

PS!!!! the poll is crap IDK what is wrong with it but I am creating a new one and it better work this time otherwise the consequences will be VERY. VERY. DIRE. <3

Saturday, May 11, 2013

if love is just a game HOW COME I'VE NEVER WON?

Hello everyone. We have reached the end of The Oasis. You probably don't know what I'm talking about but if you are an avid reader (aka, if you are Anonymous or my sister) then you may remember that I chose to refer to my college adventure as The Oasis and refer to it as such and document it all splendidly on this blog. Well a few things happened.

I was totally accurate in predicting that I would be spending the majority of it spent up in my room, doing homework while everyone else had fun. Haha. I can blame my lack of friendmaking ability on lots of things, but the truth is I made friends at the end of year, through work and stuff and through being more confident with who I am, and I did have a social life towards the end too! Just not as exciting as everyone else's around me, I spose.

But we're not gonna get INTO THAT. All I'm saying is part 1 of the 4 part series (that is, if everything goes according to plan) of The Oasis has reached its conclusion.


This is the playlist for this post you otters and jackolanterns  - you can either play along OR BE DUMB, AND NOT. But that would be unwise of you.

Anyway so college is over and stuff and that is that and there is nothing left I'd like to add! Except the end of the year was about one million times better than the beginning! You might remember I began my year with quite a bit of an upset. That pretty significantly joggled my brain for a good chunk of time. The jogglement has ended and everything ended really nicely and splendidly and I even said something to vibrams dude - the cool looking dude with the earrings and the sweet bod and VIBRAMS that he wears everywhere and I kept seeing him at the gym and the dining hall. BUT I DIGRESS. I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU ALL MY LIFE, THAT'S MY FUCKIN BUSINESS!! Get outta here!!

Omg jk jk!! stay!!! Even though there are ZERO votes on my poll right now.......

We'll take a moment of silence...

for all of your DIGNITIES!!!

I mean, the NERVE of a person to READ my blog and not RESPOND TO MY POLL!! What's weird is that not once, but TWO separate times, I saw the count of votes go down as "1" and then later went back down to 0! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. DID YOU RETRACT YOUR VOTE OR SOMETHING?

I'm not sure but I'm just saying I'm offended.

Anyway let's get down to a question that I have and it is this: When a guy says "I like your dress :-)" it ACTUALLY means "but I'd rather like to see it on my floor lol fo realz tho"....RIGHT? Or no? Because really tell me if I'm wrong!

But as everyone knows at good ol MY OLD COLLEGE, sun dress season sprung unexpectedly soon this year, and so all the ladies who had good reason and even better gym sculpted bodies broke out the sundressies and all the boys screamed in unison "Oh lord has had mercy on our souls!! What a delight!!!" And so of course I did as well, and I mean, there's a difference between one of your friends politely being like "You look nice/I like your dress today!" and someone almost completely random being like "I like your dress :-) :-)" I mean with that nice smile being like "I'm being nice but like for reals though, also mad hitting on you"

Am I wrong????? Because this is seriously your first chance to tell me I am - this is a question, not a statement!! I just guess that's the impression that I get! If so then some boys are so easy daw you only have to wear a pretty dress to turn them into a smiling pile of mush.


i love you all though i really do, hope i have more questions for ya to answer, ciao for now <3 <3

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I was gonna get up and go to the gym...

Hahaha. This is fictional if you happen to be a law enforcement officer. If you AREN'T a law enforcement officer....then....well, if you were an undercover law enforcement officer, you'd probably still continue reading wouldn't you? Assuming that the out in the open law enforcement officer would stop reading as soon as we started talking about those who AREN'T him?

Well. I have strayed very far. I got distracted for like...well it felt like 15 minutes but I guess in this hilarious "fiction" tale we're telling, it was realistically probably like...6. Maybe 7 1/2. Could be pushing it. Let's try to get back to what we came here for.

Oh yeah I totally remember haha BOMB! that's what I am. Oh my gosh is that inappropriate to say in light of recent events? I'm sorry, I'm seriously not even trying to make a joke right now about what happened, I want to make that clear right now. What I'm trying to say....respectfully (and I'm definitely failing miserably at that last part so I'm going to make sure I at least ace the first part, as in actually saying something and getting to my point ) is that in light of the recent events in Boston, and in light of this whole controversy of "CISPA" and what it means for our future internet rights and - later on - OUR WHOLE ENTIRE REAL LIFE RIGHTS!!! , well, is it inappropriate to use the word "bomb" in a manner that has nothing to do with any of this shit? As in the opening of this paragraph. I'm seriously wondering.

Anyway, I'm not here to discuss what's going on in the world. I guess I just thought about it to myself and asked myself why, especially when I fantasize about ever making it to intern for Stephen Colbert or John Stewart  (the kings of current events...I could be the queen), don't I want to talk about the world right here? Especially when it hits so close to home? Well it's not that I don't believe it shouldn't be talked about - it obviously is, and I guess the wide variety of discussion is doing a damn well job offering all the opinions I could think of and then multiply that by 12. It's what a lot of people are talking about. And it's important and it should be but it shouldn't be talked about everywhere. It's always okay to take a break. From anything. To remember the value of laughter and humor. And sillyness and jibber jabber. That's all.


TO GET BACK TO WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR, BEFORE I GOT LOST IN THAT SIDE NOTE. more of a side fuckin CORN MAZE if we wanna make an accurate metaphor for how long I got stuck in there cuz damn. Anyway, we're back.

Let's go.

Alright I just took one giant screenshot cuz taking 3 is annoying. Anyway, we'll respond to them chronologically.

To the first responder: HAHA NO WAY I DID NOT PEG YOU AS A MIKA FAN. but mika fans know what's UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP mika is AMAZING so all I can say is glad your ears are in proper shape

To the first anonymous comment: I know that song and it's amazing I believe you gotta gimme more variety in artists if you wanna really impress me :p JK not really, being kind of serious actually, cuz you've been overdoing Radical Face a lot but it's okay they ARE amazing and all their songs sound so different so i don't have a PROBLEM with it, I'm just sayinnn. if you wanna IMPRESS me. lol

And as for the third!!!


IF I HAD MADE A POLL ASKING YOU GUYS WHETHER I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO MAKE NEW POLLS OF MY OWN ACCORD OR IF I SHOULD WAIT FOR ALL OF YOUR PERMISSIONS BEFORE CREATING A NEW ONE, then your opinion would certainly have MATTERED. (that bit in the lower case obviously doesn't apply to the scumbags who never vote on my polls....JK I'm sure the issue is not that my readers aren't voting it's that I don't have nearly as many readers as I dream about having/ should have.)

But seeing as I didn't do that, your opinion probably doesn't matter, simpleton :p.

Haha! It is so fun to be cruel in a loving way. Because it really all is so full of love!!

Anyway, for realz though, you don't know my life and ya coitenly don't control it either so bugger off. my blog MY RULES. when you start your own blog you can create your own rules. 


we can enter an agreement to police each other's blog to make them the best blogs that ever did be.

Idk, just a thought.

you all have a great day..



guess i'm overdoing the enter button today....

still not as much as anonymous has overdone radical face.............

LOL BURN!!! lol love you bye

Monday, April 22, 2013

If music isn't good enough just turn it up more

Case in point:

So good it would be good enough ON MUTE!!!!!!

Anyway, there have been a few things that must be updated and discussed!! Lots of people clicked on my bliggity blog which is exciting because I've forgotten what's it like to have readers! Since ya know a lot of people plopped off the bandwagon between its hayday and now. This is of course WITHSTANDING my most loyal viewers and readers (i'm not sure which one to call you. you technically also view me because I'm obsessed with myself and love documenting my beauty). 


You know this is about you, little anonymous you. You know it's always about you.....

Oh my gosh, sorry you'll appreciate this sidetrack though cuz it's just so relevant to the title I have up there i mean blast this shit and try to tell me you don't agree with me right now:

(Wait til the song above finishes, obviously. If you didn't click on that I hate you!! Of course if you hate the song you can proceed to the next one, but if you hate that song, why????? It must be so hard for you to live with wrongly-tuned eardrums. Are you unable to appreciate beautiful sights and  aromatic scents as well? Haha it's funny because I am pretending I'm always right but at the same time i also kind of believe that I really am always right! you see if you don't understand the juxtaposition of these two dichotomies (sorry I know the use of dichotomy doesn't make sense right there but you can't tell me you aren't badass if you use those two words in a sentence together....I mean even if it doesn't necessarily make "sense" it's still boss.) then you don't understand my blog. And if you can't follow along when I start sentences, get distracted in parentheses, then carry on right where I left off, then you DEFINITELY don't understand my blog. You just think I'm a blubbering bag of nonsense. Which would be correct so it's actually EVEN WORSE. Oh my god I FORGOT I WAS IN ONE GIANT PARENTHESES. THIS ISN'T EVEN WHAT I CAME HERE TO TALK ABOUT. ohhhhhhh the irony everyone!!! hahahahahahahhahaha how hilarious!!! Or is it coincidence..... jk..... kinda...... 0.o)

Well, I remember, naturally. IT WAS ABOUT THIS VIDEO:

More the song, less the video. But yes blast that song and tell me it's not fantastic! Ohhh it so is.

Oh anyway, I was talking about anonymous....
you faithful little commenter you......
I know you'e not responsible for all the anonymous comments....
But you and I both know which ones you are responsible for.....
and you're almost always there.....
chuggin along with me.....
encouraging me to keep going......
and believe me when i say....

THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN YOU BEAUTIFUL NON-IDENTIFIABLE INDIVIDUAL YOU!!!! I could never hate you! I recognize the power of intentional anonymity (holy shit I spelled that right on first try wow that's amazing I deserve a pat on the back actually more like a massage I mean damn where are all the free massages am I right? why don't I go to massage school. this is bullshit) and I would never hate on that. I wasn't even hating on accidental anonymity, merely poking fun at the sillies who struggle with leaving a name instead of "anonymous" because they can't figure out how to do otherwise. and even then, I wasn't being totally serious cuz I know it's actually a confusing process - that's why I was appreciating that Steph knew how to actually do it!!

Anyway, none of that made sense to anyone who didn't read those comments (because that was all about a series of comments, not a post). Hmm, must suck to not be reading all the comments on my blog. They are full of encouragements, truths, and more awesome music suggestions. And also brilliance. CARRY ON WITH YOUR SAD SAD LIVES

but do listen to this, and please continue to bear in mind the title of the post

Well we've got more updates to do. Bear with me.

If you are a good person and you have read more than one post, perhaps you stumbled across my light-hearted rant about "UBlank's Crushes&Missed Connections" [okay how eerily appropriate is it that this song started playing . okay this song isn't even about a missed connection more like a lost connection but dear lord, please stop the song I suggested before, I don't even care about it that much I'M JUST A LITTLE HIGH AND APPRECIATING ALL MY MUSIC RIGHT NOW, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LISTEN TO THAT SONG "GONE AWAY FROM ME" BY RAY LAMONTAGNE. It is both musically beautiful and lyrically tear jerking. I mean....your call I guess........]

anyway, I was called out on it once soon after I wrote that post, so all is well and my self-worth has been restored, but I feel like I am still about 10 shoutouts short of being the most attractive girl on campus, and this makes me feel ugly and fat and bad and pointless. Haha jk...

OR AM I????

I hope you're not paying any mind to me at all and you're just totally absorbed in that song anyway!!! Oooooh it's just so lovely.

Anyway, let's get back to the good stuff. (who am i kidding - it's all good)

Did i have anything else important that I had to share? Well, probably....

But do I remember.....

I have a lot of homework I should be doing right now, I suppose that is all haha fuck HOMEWORK BITES. Ergh double ergh erghie ergh.

Love you all. Thanks for sticking with me through that train-wreck of awesomeness :-)  

Happy 8,500 views :-)